Donate to a cause that resonates the most in your heart
Some of the areas where your generous donation maybe designated:
  • A gift of $35 may be elected for resident field trips
  • A gift of $50 may go to enhance residents life skills training and opportunities
  • A gift of $70 maybe applied to sponsor one counseling session for a resident in need (please consider a series of counseling session)
  • A gift of $125 may go towards clothing and food
  • A gift of $250 may be used to pay for medications that otherwise could not be afforded
  • A gift of $500 may be designated to build the scholarship fund for residents who do not have a funding source, to fund an endowment to sustain Stonebridge for perpetuity and to enhance  Stonebridge to continue to give our residents optimum lifetime care.

Your gift makes a huge difference in the continued safety, well-being and happiness of our residents' lives.

Ways to Help
If you would like to discuss any of the following gift options, please contact us at life@stonebridgeliving.org r

Matching Gifts
Did you know that you can multiply your generous gift to Stonebridge if your employer has a Matching Gift Program? Thousands of companies have programs that will double or even triple individual, tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. Check with your personnel office to find out about your company's Matching Gift Program. They will give you a matching gift application to fill out and send to Stonebridge. We'll take it from there. Mail your matching gift application to
Stonebridge - Matching Gifts
 P.O. Box 692368 Houston, Texas 77269-2368

To contribute by mail, please download and print a Mail-in Donation Form, fill in the information and mail with your check made payable to :
Stonebridge SIL, Inc
P.O. Box 692368
Houston, Texas 77269

Monthly Giving
Sustained, monthly giving allows Stonebridge to rely on your contribution. Whatever amount you choose to give will automatically be withdrawn from your account each month through a secure transaction and used to support services and quality care.

Donate Online
Make a secure online gift using your credit card to conserve resources and make your donation go further to provide quality lifetime care and training opportunities for Stonebridge residents.

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Planned Giving
Planned giving provides a way for you to make a gift to Stonebridge and at the same time receive favorable tax considerations. Stonebridge has received many of its most significant commitments of support in the form of planned gifts, and we remain deeply grateful to our friends who provide for our organization's future in this way. By considering a planned giving option, you may be able to make a larger gift than you thought—a gift that also benefits you.

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