Our Residents

Adulthood brings new challenges for families concerned about the health and quality of life of a loved one with a mental illness. Communal living is a suitable option for adults with mental illness who need help or supervision (such as medical assistance or guidance) but can manage most daily activities on their own. Because no single person with mental illness is quite like another, our Individual Plan of Care (IPC) addresses each person’s unique abilities and attributes in designing a care program; this is what makes Stonebridge a special place. Any program must consider the type of training and activities needed to assist a person in reaching his or her goals. Our residential care is tailored to the needs and interests of each individual. From tips on grooming, to fitness and exercise—residents with a mental illness receive a variety of life-skills-based training. Stonebridge offers training in shopping, cooking, money management, healthy eating choices and much more. The goal of life skills training is to enable residents to reach the highest level of personal independence possible in their daily routines.

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