Our Service

Since opening the doors in 2014, Stonebridge has had tremendous  success with our residents, their families couldn’t be more pleased. Residents who when arrived at Stonebridge had isolated themselves from friends and families as a result of their mental illness are now active participants in family events. They are able to manage tasks of everyday life and feel and know that they matter.

Stonebridge offers a unique spectrum of residential care and training for persons with mental illness. By creating a community where people can age in place, Stonebridge offers residents (and their families) the security of knowing that they can have a home-like life-long residence. Stonebridge provides a full spectrum of services tailored to individual needs and abilities.

From tips on grooming, to market math—residents receive a variety of life-skill-based training. Stonebridge offers training in shopping, cooking, money management and healthy eating choices and much more. The goal of Life Skills training is to enable residents to reach the highest level of personal independence possible in their daily routines.

Life Skills training at Stonebridge also includes:

  • Women's Health & Hygiene
  • Men's Health & Hygiene
  • Money Management

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