Ms. Becky - I am so grateful to you for all you do in caring for my son *****. It is people like you and your staff that make a positive difference in his life. Thank you and God Bless
Libby H.

To: The Staff at Stonebridge

I want to thank you for all you all do for me.
             Stonebridge Resident

   My friend Henry, Thank you
  for being a true good friend
  who tells me, helps and does
  the best helping me to be the
  best buddy a guy can have. I
 love you like a close homeboy.
 Always helping me. I love you
 like a brother from another
                Your Friend,
                Stonebridge Resident

Thanks to everyone at Stonebridge.
People like you are a rare treasure. Thank you for all you have done for ****.  May you be blessed for the kindness you have shown. A kind deed is like water for flowers, it makes the heart bloom. Thank you for planting a garden in ****'s  heart.
My thank you seems so small compared to all you do, but it comes from my heart.
I was praying for a miracle and then you came along for ****.  You have a special gift for listening to people like
                                                                    Your kindness touches my
                                                                    heart. Thank you so very
                                                                                   -Bertie ****
                                                                        ****'s Grandmother.

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