A structured independent living facility -

Welcome to Stonebridge Living
When your loved ones requires a 24 hour supervised living arrangement, the decision will become challenging.  While there is no place like home, we set out to design and build the ideal home-like setting that makes Stonebridge Living the next best thing. Here at Stonebridge, we consider your family our family!

Our resident population represents a diversity of chronically mentally ill diagnoses, and we offer a distinctly different lifestyle from that offered by most homes for the mentally ill. We assist families in developing an Individual Plan of Care (IPC) for each resident, ensuring that each has ample opportunities to learn, experience and achieve a whole new life.

 Why Stonebridge?
Whenever a family begins to debate the notion of sending their loved one to a "facility", it’s certain to involve a lot of angst-ridden conversations and traumatic emotions like fear, guilt, and frustration. Many families find themselves in a constant state of distress and disagreement as mental illness has created a harsh, new and painfully unfair reality for all involved. At Stonebridge, we pride ourselves on offering a warm, inviting, independent home environment.
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